Massage Maven - Columbus Circle, NYC
Massage Maven - Columbus Circle, NYC

Restoring Balance and Natural Health

Massage Maven @ Columbus Circle NYC, is the vision of Sharron Bowers, a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist.  Through a fusion of Thai, deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques, Sharron takes a holistic approach to therapeutic massage. She firmly believes in the healing power of energetic touch. 


The oldest and most fundamental of the healing arts, therapeutic massage, can ease muscular pain and tension, reduce stress, and aid circulation. Massage can increase whole body awareness and provide an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Sharron has mainteained a successful Massage therapy practice, and has advanced training in Multiple disciplinaries with a particular focus on anatomy and physioogy and alignment. Sharron's practice blends therapeutic massage, yoga, shiatsu, and structural Intergration, and her deep Tissue sessions consists of combination of the above mentioned.


She looks forward to helping you find balance, relief from pain, or simple relaxation and stress-reduction.  In addition to the above, She will customize each session to meet your musculoskeletal issues, along  with professional sports stretching. Ashiatsu coming soon!!!



Multiple disciplinaries Listed:


Scalp Massage: Using Acuponts on forehead, ears and scalp to perform massage, which assists with migrane and up neck issues. 


Aromatherapy Massage: By Adding essential oils to your session, it will heal pain and reduce stress. This will give you a total balance of the body, mind and spirit. Depending on the essential oils used, they can reduce anxiety and tension, increase body energy, balance your hormones, protect the immune system, and stimulate the respiratory system.


Thai-Shiatsu-Reflexology: Thai-Shiatsu-Reflexology massages are styles of treatments that combines ancient eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical massage combined with western knowledge of specific soft tissue. These specific techniques are,TriggerPoint Therapy (pressing) and rocking techniques to open the body's energy lines.


Swedish, Sports Stretching: Sports Stretching, specific phyiscal maneuvers applied to areas where stiffness and pain linger, and in Swedish sessions, long-light sliding superficial strokes are performed.


Lava Stone Massage Massage: Relax with this specialized massage that uses hot lava rocks to melt away stress and muscle tension. Placed on key meridan points on the back, these stones will help to increase energy and push out unwanted toxins.




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Do you have questions or concerns before making an appointment?  We are here to help you!


Please respect and reserve your cancellations to 24 hrs, so someone else may experience these treatments. Thank you!! 

Massage Maven @ Columbus Circle Massage NYC.

450 W. 58th St.

New York, NY 10019

274 Madison Ave, NYC


Texts are preferred to discuss your needs, or concerns or simply to schedule an appointment!  As we are a small and budding company, phone calls disrupt the sessions. We will respond as soon as it is possible.


Please text for your appointments only! We will respond in a timely fashion:

We also take same day appointsments, but only with at least 4hr notification for Pain Relief cases.




Sundays-By appt after 6pm

Mondays-In/Mobile Service

Tuesdays-Not Available

Wednesdays-Specially scheduled appointments Only!!

Thursdays-Not available

Fridays-Not available

Saturdays-Not available


My apologies but we are extremely busy with heavy appointments. So Please reserve well in advance.


Thank you for considering us for your Sports Stretching, Medical Massage, and NYS Certified PreNatal massage care. We look forward to treating you with your Musculoskeletal and other anatomy medical  issues!


347 405-0883 -Texts Only Please!!!

Once again, please communicate via texts, as we are in session most times. Thank you!!

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